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Spray Painting Foliage 

It is easy to stick with what we know. Everyone loves a classic look.  They are classic for a reason. However, in order to make your work stand out, you have to be willing to try new things. If you don’t grow with the times, you will fall behind. Success comes when we go out of our comfort zone and dive into what is new and trendy.  

Change comes like the seasons. Nature feels different and looks different with every season. Summer carries a relaxed feel along with shades of blue. While fall is associated with cool weather, charm and shades of red, oranges and yellows.  

With the fall season in our midst, our deigns should be a representation of it. Go beyond the season’s colors and look towards varieties of berries, leaves and branches! They add a unique texture to any already beautiful look. 

Working with foliage can be difficult. In order to go beyond a classic look, you have to be willing to play with their textures. Consider using plant safe paints. Spraying foliage’s is going to give you opportunity to add a unique look to an arrangement. Go beyond what nature has provided with MASTER color tools, OASIS Floral Products and FernTrust Inc paints. They are safe for your designs and open a window for opportunity. 

Metallic colors such as sparkling gold adds a unique touch to any foliage. Some may even say an elegant feel.  The up and coming generation like looks that are fresh, clean and unique. Incorporating strictly foliage-based arrangements into your shop helps you stand out and in return, will increase your profit. Adding color into foliage-based arrangements creates an entirely new look. It increases value without raising the amount you put into it. 

For more on this topic, join Jackie Lacey on this week’s #DesignTime to see how he incorporates spray paint into foliage-based designs.