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Keeping up with 2018 Home Décor Trends

As with any industry, it is important to stay updated on the current trends affecting you and your business and what your consumers are looking for. When looking for home décor, consumers will have a vision in their head of what they want their home to look like, but they do not always know exactly what they are looking for, which is where you come in! As a florist, you are what connects the consumer to their dream home! We've put together a list of 2018 home décor trends to look out for!


Natural Elements 

This year, consumers are gravitating towards more natural, earthy tones. Consumers are looking for copper, granite, and stone materials and more neutral or softer, and natural color tones. When decorating with these more natural tones, consumers will come to you for decorative house plants, such as succulents. House plants will bring out the organic, nature, earthy feel of the room and is sure to make your client's dream home come to life! 

Framed Plants 

While some consumers are using fake flowers and plants in their frames, others have been preserving their flowers in shadow boxes. You can expect consumers to be coming to you for flowers for this unique home décor trend. In fact, many brides are hopping on this trend to preserve their wedding bouquet! 


Foliage is a perfect example of a décor item consumers will have pictured in their head but might not know exactly what it is, which is where you, as the florist, come to the rescue! Foliage is being used to decorate everything from book cases to coffee tables and empty walls and corners. The foliage will help liven and bring a bit of a color pop to any room!


Home décor is all in the details, from the color of the walls to the cushions on the couch and of course, the flower arrangement placement! Flowers and plants can be the missing piece needed to bring a room together. As a florist, you can help your customers achieve their dream home by helping them find the right flowers/plants to bring their ideas to life.