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Designing with Corporate Colors | on a Budget

Designing with corporate colors can pose as a challenge for florists. Clients come in to the shop excited and ready for what you can make for them. It isn't always easy working with corporate budget, but there are steps to take to help make working with corporate budget easier. If you "massage" the budget to work with the both of you, you'll have a happy client and will make more sells.

Work with incorporating more expensive flowers along with less expensive flowers. Floriology Institute's Design Time this week demonstrates working with corporate colors on a budget. The first step in saving money for a large centerpiece is basing it in a cheaper container. It won't be seen, and it will help with your budget. If you want to add texture, depth and corporate colors into a centerpiece design, consider grouping flowers like Roses and Carnations with accents of Orchids and Gladiolas. It fills out the design without using too many flowers.

For secondary pieces around a table, Roses and Hydrangeas add focus to the bottom of a design, and one stem of Gladiola adds height to draw the eye. One stem of  Midollino adds value without adding much to the cost. Adding colored Midollino in a design can add a unique look to a design. Take midollino fibers and see what you can do to your design. The change in value is evident. It adds movement, rhythm and pattern making the design look updated. It helps stretch the corporate budget.

Containers are a great way to save on corporate budget but add value to a design. Spray and seal a conatinor with a color that accents your design and corporate colors. If it is sealed, it helps protect the container when transitioning out of the cooler. It also helps protect against condensation. Working with what you have to make something new is a cost-effective way to add to a design. Jackie Lacey demonstrates with a Cardrangea. He tears the base of the carnation and spreads the color out to make it look completely different. Finishing it off with a green button to accent the look. It matches the corporate colors without adding cost. It pulls the eye in while keeping the Roses the focus. 

Anytime you want to show money well spent, keep your more expensive flowers the focus of the design. For this example, it is the Rose. More expensive flowers should have a featured location. Around them and underneath them should be more inexpensive flowers in order to build out the colors and cover mechanics. When it comes to corporate budgets, a little massage can do a lot of good.