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Decorating for Fall

Every year we think of new ways that we can decorate for fall. What matters the most is the way we welcome customers into the store. To show them how much you care for them and as a thank you for always coming back and shopping, make sure you have a warm welcome! 

Show a warm welcome by decorating the entrance of the store front with fall colors. Use natural resources to decorate, such as using leaves from the outside to make garland to go around the door. Incorporate white lights into the garland to make it stand out and shine to give the entrance a pop. What's better than walking in and smelling baked goods? Present the customers with baked goods at the counter and see their smiles! Bring joy to the customers on these holidays to help them find what they're looking for, so they come back! 

Give back with great displays of flowers. Create displays of flowers using the fall colors such as red, yellow, purple and orange! What's better than giving awesome fall color displays to family and friends for a gift for Thanksgiving or just to say thank you. Another way to show thanks is awesome woven basket wreaths! Use fall color flowers to attach into the wreaths to offer to the customers.  

How can you display prices for fall and thanksgiving? Show your prices with awesome home-made price tags made from leaves! Who doesn’t like fall-colored leaves? Decorate the counter with outside resources such as pine cones, white lights and leaves so when customers come to cash out, they feel just like there outside on a beautiful fall day!  

This fall take some time to make your shop beautiful and ready for the season – your customers are sure to love it and return time and time again.