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Floriology Institute Designer Tips, Tricks, & Techniques Blog



We are excited to bring you the latest tips, tricks, and techniques from talented designers in the floral industry to help make your business bloom!

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1. Smithers Oasis Bouquet Holders
2. Roses
3. Calla Lilies
4. Wire
5. Leaves
6. FloraLife™ 
Plus Stem Adhesive
7. FloraLife™
Finishing Touch


To Learn How to Use Smithers Oasis Bouquet Holders
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1. Plomisa
2. Pittsoporum
3. Wire
4. Tube
5. Spray Glue
6. Gardenia
7. Cold Floral Adhesive


To Learn How to Make This Bridal Bouquet Click Here!




1. Bendable Colored Floral Wire
2. Pearl and Crystal Head Pins  
3. Corsage Tape
4. Cold Floral Adhesive
5. Fresh Lily Petals
6. Fresh Lily Grass
1. Form center by gathering pins together to simulate center of the flower, secure with floral tape. You can use contrasting pins for interest and texture for the flower's center
2. Form bendable wire around cluster of pins in a "petal" fashion
3. Using a cold floral adhesive, begin gluing single lily petals in and around the wire petal form. The wire petal form adds supports to the fresh petals. You can leave the wire form exposed for textural contrast. The wire form can also be bent into a "cup" shape giving the composite flower a dimensional and natural shape.
4. Loops of lily grass are added behind the lily petals for support and to complement the looped shape of the colored wire. Add floral wire to fashion a long stem. The bouquet can be one single flower or a smaller composite bud can be added for a larger bouquet
5. Wrap the stem in a neutral green satin to cover the taped wire and give the bouquet a finished look

With the popularity of cascade bouquets on the rise, it is important to secure the cascading flowers to protect your creation and profit. Losing flowers out of the bouquet can cause you to lose clients and money. Here's a tried and tested tip to help secure one of the most popular wedding flowers that makes a perfect "Spring Cascade Bouquet!"



1. Smithers Oasis WEDDING BELLE® Bouquet Holder
2. Green Flat Aluminum Wire
3.  Green Mega Beaded Wire Accents
4. Yellow Calla Lilies
5. Foliage 
6. Chenille Stems
7. OASIS®Green Bullion
8. Green Flex Wrap
9. UGlu Dashes 
1. Use Flexwrap to cover your bouquet handle
2. Pinch/Gather the Flexwrap and secure to the bouquet base with Uglu Dashes
3. Secure and decorate the wrap with coordinating bullion
4. Decorate/Accent the handle with beaded wire
5. Cover coordinating aluminum wire with Mega beaded wire for a great accent to add in at the end
6. Insert the cut chenille stem pieces into the calla lily stem for added security and a water wicking source
7. The chenille stem secures the calla lily stem so you barely have to insert the stem into the foam
8. Create a strong line to your cascade with the calla lily and foliage (You can also use the chenille stems in the foliage)
9. Add the Mega beaded wire accents for flare and style
10. Feel secure that your product will hold up and remain beautiful for a happy event!

Using foliage in new and thoughtful ways, to use less and cover more is a necessity for ensuring higher profit margins in today's market. Try this creative way to slice and curl aspidistra foliage to cover your base, leave room for more flowers, and give your customers an updated look for everyday designs



1. Container - Napco Metal Pot Cover PC# 32680
2. Hot Pink Flat Aluminum Wire
3. 3 Stems of Aspidistra Leaves 
4. 3 Hot Pink Roses
5. 4 Stems Pink Matsumoto Asters
6. 3 Stems Hypericum Berries
7. Smithers Oasis®  
 Floral Foam Max Life  


1. Slice the Aspidistra foliage into three or four strips while keeping it intact with the stem


2. Cut the into smaller pieces to use to secure the individual pieces of aspidistra strips into the foam. Make sure you cut the stem on an angle to create a sharp edge


3. Cover your foam with the three aspidistra leaves and individual strips by piercing the strips with the stem of the leaf or the stems that you cut to create the loops. Bend the leaves any way you want to create movement


4. You can create a lot of energy and movement with the pieces as you secure them


5. Cut your flat wire into three equal pieces


6. Add flowers and then accent with the flat wire for an updated look for everyday designs



Add a Modern Twist to an everyday Spring gerbera arrangement to differentiate your shop and attract new customers!
1. Container - 4x4 white ceramic
2. Aluminum wire
3. Bullion wire
4. Smithers Oasis® Midelino sticks
5. 4 stems Gerbera Daisy
6. Smithers Oasis®  
 Floral Foam Max Life


1. Put Smithers Oasis® Floral Foam Max Life
 in the container, place the 4 Gerbera into the Oasis to cover the foam. *Make sure you cut the Oasis shorter than the height of the container, so that the Gerbera's are able to cover the mechanics

2. Cut 12 pieces of Midelino sticks, into 5 inch lengths

3. Use 6 pieces of Midelino sticks to make a triangle with the bullion wire, repeat for the second triangle

4. Cut 3 pieces of aluminum wire.  Coil one end tight, leaving the rest of the wire straight

5. To complete the arrangement, put the triangles on first, use the aluminum wire coils to hold the triangles in place



1} Floral Inspired Easter Topiary and Festive Place Settings 
"To wow customers and their guests, with fresh flowers as well as faux flowers, I used a faux topiary base to marry the traditional Easter topiary with the beauty of flowers." Supplies for creating this wonderful Easter look include (in addition to fresh blooms): dried flowers, small sticks, plastic eggs, adhesive backed trim, and ribbon. Helpful tips for this project include:Water tubing broken heads of flowers and Picking flowers that air dry well such as colored roses, statice, solidago, etc. 
2} Utilize What You Already Have in Stock 
"A great way to extend the life of what you have is to utilize shapes that are traditionally used in other seasons in creative ways," Examples of this are trees and cornucopia you did not use during the Christmas season-why not repurpose them to maximize cost effectiveness and profitability? In fact, chances are most if not all of what you would need to create memorable Easter displays is already in your shop.
 3} Holiday Food is the Way to Their Hearts 
The creative use of food is another exceptional way to enhance your sales opportunities for the Easter holiday. To add an extra special touch, have samples of holiday foods like chocolate dipped strawberries decorated like Easter eggs for your customers to try. Another suggestion: add specially themed Easter holiday beverages.Yet another caveat-it's also a good idea to remind your sales team to emphasize the importance of food in Easter celebrations, providing a great way to boost your sales of gourmet items and gift baskets. For ideas about drinks and other refreshments that are perfect for Easter, visit 

4} Easter Cards to Go with Their Gift 
Showing uniquely designed invitations and holiday cards as part of your Easter displays adds another special touch that can help engage your customers and build your Easter holiday selling opportunities. 
To see a wide selection of great invitations that can be used in displays, go to